Look Deeper

Look Deeper is a short poem that takes a brief look into the mind of a torn soul:

Look Deeper by M Blyth:

She stands tall and defiant to all those she meets,
Steely eyed, emotionless, she allows nothing through.
Always on her guard, she talks in a growl,
She comes with a warning sign ‘approach if you dare’.
Don’t ask her to believe in you for her trust is all but broken,
Her smile has long since disappeared, emotions remain unspoken.

But look deeper within her, past the exterior shell of steel,
There you will find a life haunted by hurt and disappointment,
A life in turmoil, tearing her to pieces
Destroying her from within.
Look deeper and you will witness her pain,
Pain from loss, from abuse, from abandonment.
Look deeper and you will see wounds to be cared for,
tears to be dried and pain to be taken away.

Look deeper and discover a soul misunderstood;
Hurt misunderstood as an uncaring woman;
Pain misunderstood as fiery rage;
An unbearable past misunderstood as a monstrous being.
Look deeper now and glimpse the woman inside,
Crying to break free, begging to be released from the chains
Of her past, begging to be released from decades of imprisonment.
Look deeper for she is there. She is real. She is me

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