Grandmother, Goodbye.

Grandmother, Goodbye

“Don’t worry my child,” her grandmother said,
“I knew one day soon I would go.
You must remain strong, the calm in the storm.
You must be strong, for your storm’s just begun”

“But Nana,” she said, “how will I cope?
How can I be so strong?”
“You already are as strong as can be, you just do not know it yet.
Now child, let me sleep, for my time is now.
Remember with love, what I’ve said,”

She’d known early on, as she’d entered the room
That tonight would be the last time she was there.
She’d known as she sat by the side of her bed
That her grandmother’s time had come.

She looked at her hair, so white and pure, like the fresh layer of snow on the ground.
Her eyes, still ajar, showed a sparkle of blue, like the bright winter sky outside.
On her frail little body, encased in her nest like the baby sparrows which next spring would see,
Hung a nightdress too big for her bird-like frame, as though trying on her mother’s best dress.

She held in her palms the tissue paper hands of her wise old grandmother, now quiet and still,
With the sun going down on Winter’s last day, her eyes close, her lips shut, nothing left for her to say.
One final wispy breath, one last squeeze of her hand,
She leaves this world behind.
Stretches her wings.
Never to return.

4 thoughts on “Grandmother, Goodbye.

  1. Funny so the old woman knew she will die soon but why she is instilling fear into her daughter. Anyway, Nice story. It teachesa to be always conscious and ready for the unknown


    • Thank you for reading the poem and commenting. I think maybe instead of instilling fear into her Grand-daughter she is empowering her by letting her know that she is well prepared for life and that losing her grandmother will not be the worst event to happen in her life. Yes, always be conscious of what may happen but believe in yourself that whatever may happen can be dealt with. We are all strong enough to ride the storm of life although it may ntot feel like it at the time.


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